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NFLWeather.com forecast for Saturday, December 20th, 2014

por The NFLW Team | 12-20-2014 12:00


Mostly cloudy throughout the day for the Eagles versus Redskins game in Washington. Light rain in the morning and evening for the Chargers versus Niners game in San Francisco, nope, Santa Clara ;)

For up to the minute game conditions, checkout NFLWeather.com

Website visits landmark

por The NFLW Team | 12-18-2014 12:00


NFLWeather passes 2 Million page views from more than a half million unique visitors.

A big thank you to all our users.

National Weather Service Watch Warning Advisory Summary

por The NFLW Team | 12-09-2014 12:30


National Weather Service: Powerfull storm to impact the San Francisco Bay Area and Monterrey Bay Area from late Wednesday though Friday.

Click here to see the details.

Jets-Bills game moved to Detroit on Monday night

por The NFLW Team | 11-21-2014 09:00


Due to the snow storm in Buffalo the sunday clash between AFC East rivals will be played in Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, on Monday night. The game will be played at 7PM. 

"As mentioned earlier today, public safety resources in western New York must be fully available to deal with the recovery from the storm. We continue our discussions with the team and the Red Cross on ways the NFL can support the community through this weather disaster." the NFL announced.

Bills-Jets game won't be in Buffalo

por The NFLW Team | 11-20-2014 17:30


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said it would be "impractical" for the Buffalo Bills to host the New York Jets as scheduled on Sunday, given the heavy snow that has hit the area, the NFL will not play the game in Buffalo.

The NFL is considering Detroit, Washington D.C. and Pittsburgh. The game could be played on Monday but that is not known at this time.

FoxSports Uses NFLW Analytics

por The NFLW Team | 11-19-2014 16:30


FOXSports just posted an article for the upcoming game between the Miami Dolphins and the Denver Broncos, using data taken from the NFLW Analytics section.

This is the pertinent section of the article: "Since 2009, the Dolphins have compiled a 11-10 record on the road in outdoor games played in temperatures colder than 56 degrees, according to data from NFLweather.com."

You too can check our Analytics Section and see how your team has played in any kind of weather!


“Bill Belichick added that "if I did my job the way they do theirs, I'd be here about a week.”


Perhaps NFL coaches should be getting their forecasts from NFLWeather.com

NFLWeather.com Mid-season Update

por Rick | 11-05-2014 09:00


We’ve reached the bye-week. Andrew Luck is setting an NFL record for most pass attempts and NFLWeather.com has already passed 1 million page views, a full eight weeks sooner than last season. This is particularly nice growth considering that the new responsive user interface makes it possible to access more information on the home page and that we have yet to see any major weather fronts hit the states.

The Straight Pick’Em is catching on as each week more users try to see how many winners they can pick.

Until our new mobile apps are launched, you can access NFLW from your phone or tablet by entering http://www.NFLWeather.com into your mobile browser. In fact, we’d like to receive feedback on how the new user interface is working on your device if you would please.

Until the Super Bowl,


Introducing MLB-Weather.com

por The NFLW Team | 06-17-2014 16:30


Because you asked for it, we have released MLB-Weather.com. The goal of MLB-Weather.com is to provide baseball fans and fantasy leagues the same great information and user experience that NFLWeather fans get.

 MLB-Weather.com is now in public beta. We’d appreciate if you would try it out and send us your feedback on your experience and the features that you would like to see next (Please don’t say NASCAR).
Impressions keep these sites live. So if NFLW and MLBW are useful to you, please share these sites with your friends and colleagues.

Pre-Season News

por The NFLW Team | 06-17-2014 16:00


Greetings Football Fans,
2013 was a banner year for NFLWeather.com with more than 2 Million page views, a particularly impressive feat since we try to provide as much information as possible on just one page. The NFLWeather Historical Analytics Archive now has five years of historical data so that past conditions and performance can be compared to current conditions. Let us know what features you would like to see next.
NFLWeather.com remains committed to delivering a top notch user experience for football fans (no pop-ups and no talking ads) as well as compact, informative widgets for partners. Most recently, we’ve implemented dynamic screen recognition to improve the NFLW user experience across all devices from desktops to tablets to handheld mobile devices. To preserve the user experience, only static advertising space is available for the 2014 season.


Guest post by J.D. at The Inside Slant

The perception when looking at the Bears vs Browns match up is to bet the under. Then when you factor the wind, temperature and chance of snow. The under looks even better. When you look back to last week, those weather conditions really didn't matter in a few of those games. But after the smoke had cleared and people were licking their betting under wounds that day, A member on our site made a good point.

Snow on the field really helps the offense. His point was simple when you think about it. The player on offense knows where he is going. But the player on defense doesn't and has to react. If you go back to some of those bad weather games last week. There was a ton of missed tackles. Most of them were from guys trying to react and losing their footing.

One of those games that went over was the Lions at the Eagles. Had the weather been perfect, most people would have never bet the under. But, when they heard about the weather and seen the high number the total was set at, they figured it was a slam dunk win.

Over the years the Bears had a decent defense and the Browns were looked at as having a bad offense. So based on perception you would think the under is the play. I'm not writing this to tell anybody what to play or trying to talk them out of a play. My point is that you need to look at more numbers and not just perception.

Let's look at the Bears, 9-4 over on the season.
The total has gone OVER in 10 of Chicago's last 13 games on the road
Average points scored = 28.3 per game
Average points allowed = 27.7 per game

Now let’s review the Browns, 7-6 over on the year.
The total has gone OVER in 4 of Cleveland's last 6 games
Average points scored = 19.8 per game
Average points allowed = 24.9 per game

As the game gets closer, keep an eye on the weather and if snow looks possible, the line should start to drift down.
If you like the over, then wait it out for the best possible line. Now if you like the under, you might want to jump on the line asap.

Keep tabs on this games weather right here at NFLWeather.com http://www.nflweather.com/game/2013/week-15/bears-at-browns

If you bet on sports and if your looking for free newsletters and service plays, then join us over at Theinsideslant.com The Inside Slant and NFLWeather.com can give you that winning edge.

Thanks and good luck this weekend. J.D.

Betting on this year’s Super Bowl

por The NFLW Team | 10-26-2013 12:00


The excitement of most sporting leagues culminates in some sort of grand championship to determine which team is at the top of their game. For the National Football League, this event is the Super Bowl. So important is this event it has become a holiday of sorts within the United States as well as for football fans around the world. Additionally, it is also the focus of many different sports bets.

Sports bets make it possible for fans to win some many while enjoy football. Futures betting exists right now for who bettors believe will win the Super Bowl. Some teams have already been singled out as long shots when reading the odds posted by sportsbook. The Jacksonville Jaguars currently have odds established at 5000 to 1. While the team taking home the Lombardi Trophy is quite rare given the odds, should it happen, some lucky bettor could win $5000 on a $1 bet.

A primary consideration for this year's Superbowl is weather. Unlike the tropical escapes to Miami or the Rose Bowl, this year we will see some old fashioned AFL / NFL style football as the game will be played in New York, outside, in the dead of winter. Frankly, true football fans will enjoy this just as hockey fans have rapidly grown to love the outdoor NHL classic each season. Let's play next year's Superbowl at Lambeau Field in Green Bay!

Many online casinos offer football related slot machines which provide another way fans can win big with their sport. One online casino game is 5 Million Dollar Touchdown. This game is unique in that it provides fans with the chance to win two different jackpots. The largest of these is of course the title amount of $5 million. To be eligible for this, players must bet the overall maximum amount for each spin which is $200. The reels must have five scatter symbols on one of the pay lines. The second jackpot is smaller but occurs more frequently. This one is worth $15,000 and doesn’t require all pay lines to be activated. Players can trigger this jackpot betting a penny on one pay line. What must occur is five wild symbols have to show on the activated lines. Of course, wagering on more lines increases the probability of a winning occurring. But if you're placing the long bet, you might want to consult your Farmer's Almanac for New York. Who can honestly say when the next Hurricane Sandy will hit. You might also check the NFLWeather.com historical weather database for late season weather and results for the New York / New Jersey area.


This post published by Tom Shannon.

Coming from Sheffield, Tom’s hobbies include writing and recording music, and creating video games. He also runs events to do with video games where people come to watch tournaments. Tom is currently studying in his final year at university.

Patriots Day

por The NFLW Team | 04-16-2013 09:00


NFLWeather welcomes Planet Steelers

por The NFLW Team | 01-12-2013 08:00


NFLWeather would like to welcome Planet Steelers: "Because Steeler country just isn't big enough" to the NFLWeather partner community.

NFLWeather App for iOS

por The NFLW Team | 01-11-2013 08:00


Just in time for the big playoff games, the NFLWeather™ app for iOS is now available on Apple's AppStore. While the iOS version may have taken a few months longer than the Android App, we believe that the NFLWeather™ app is now the easiest way to get the NFL schedule, game times, scores and weather forecasts on both the iPhone and iPad. With NFLWeather™, you open the app to view all this info on a single screen.

NFLWeather™ for iOS provides accurate forecasts for the specific location of each stadium, not just the city in which a game is played. Use NFLW™ to place bets, pick fantasy football starters or receive accurate info before attending a game.

Finally, a special thank you to Unwired Nation™, our mobile app development partner for making this possible.

Get NFLWeather™ for iphone & iPad

Get NFLWeather™ for Android

thank you,

The NFLWeather Team

PS - Looks like snow in Denver

Foxboro Freeeze to Slow Down Dolphins and Patriots

por The NFLW Team | 12-29-2012 14:00


Read the complete article at the Miami Dolphin Blog - by Bitchin Dave.


Read all about it in ffspin.com

New York Giants - Baltimore Ravens Breakdown

por The NFLW Team | 12-23-2012 12:00


Get the New York Giants - Baltimore Ravens Breakdown from NFLWeather on National Football Post.


Raiders versus Chiefs

por The NFLW Team | 12-16-2012 12:00


Get the Raiders versus Chiefs scoop on ProFSL

No RG3 for Skins versus CLE

por The NFLW Team | 12-16-2012 11:00


Read all about it in the National Football Post

Carolina at San Diego Forecast

por The NFLW Team | 12-15-2012 15:00


Get the juice when Cam Newton's Carolina panthers take on the Chargers.

The Football Juice.

Patriots & 49ers forecast from NFLWeather on GoPats.com

por The NFLW Team | 12-15-2012 09:15


Get the Patriots & 49ers forecast and analysis from NFLWeather on GoPats.com.


Get the Broncos-Ravens forecast from NFLWeather on Fanspeak.com

NFLWeather android app review

por The NFLW Team | 12-10-2012 14:00


Tapscape has posted a review of the NFLWeather.com android app. You can read the review here.

Or you can download the app from the Google Play Store.

Two games where weather could be a major factor

por The NFLW Team | 12-09-2012 12:00


Rams @ Bills and Ravens @ Redskins are two games that could be affected by weather. You can read the report in the National Football Post.

Kansas City Chiefs at Cleveland Browns Fantasy Outlook

por The NFLW Team | 12-09-2012 12:00


Read the article at Fantasy Football Draft Helper.

Can Carolina’s Cam Newton outperform Matt Ryan’s 11-1 Falcons in the Rain

por Chris Lovi - Columnist NFLWeather.com | 12-09-2012 11:15


Another game to keep an eye on is the NFC South rivalry between the 11-1 Atlanta Falcons and the 3-9 Carolina Panthers. Although their records might not necessarily reflect it, this is going to be a good game to watch. Carolina played the Falcons tough in the Georgia Dome last time these two teams met and the Panthers have played opponents well in their home stadium this year. NFLWeather.com forecasts a 30% chance of showers, mainly before kickoff with a high near 70. Rough weather and slick fields mean that anything could happen Sunday.

As weird as it may sound with only one loss, the Atlanta Falcons are in a bit of a slump. Despite winning games, quarterback Matt Ryan has been scraping by. Ryan threw five interceptions last game against the Saints but their defense was able to keep them in the game. If the Panthers can throw Matty Ice off his game as the Saints did, they will have a good chance to keep this one close. However, the Carolina Panthers are outmatched in the secondary and will have to rely on Mother Nature to slow down the Falcons passing attack.

Carolina’s offense has finally begun to click. Despite suffering a loss in Kansas City last week, Cam Newton threw for three touchdowns and no interceptions. Despite the Falcons ability to rush the passer, Cam Newton has shown that he can get the ball out in time to his receivers.  Expect shorter passes out of the playbook this week and a heavier dose of D’Angelo Williams in an effort to keep Atlanta’s offense off the field.

According to NFLWeather.com’s Historical Analytics, the Falcons beat the Eagles earlier this season in a not always sunny Philadelphia whereas the Panthers lost to the Bucs in a rainy Tampa back in September. If the Panthers secondary can limit the damage, expect this game to be a close and relatively high scoring.

Cardinals will make Easy Prey for Seahawk’s Russell Wilson

por Chris Lovi - Columnist NFLWeather.com | 12-09-2012 11:00


Late Sunday afternoon, rain will continue to fall when the Arizona Cardinals travel north to take on the Seattle Seahawks. Even though Seattle is winless within the division, they are 5-0 at Century Link Field this year, having beaten Tom Brady’s Patriots in a drizzle. NFLWeather.com forecasts a 40% chance of rain, cloudy skies with a high near 43.

In Seattle’s first meeting with Arizona earlier this season, QB Russell Wilson was sacked three times, picked off once and played one of his worst games of the season. But that was Wilson’s first career NFL start and the Cardinals aren’t going to see the same quarterback this time around. If Wilson can avoid turnovers and manage to connect on shorter passes to his receivers, Seattle should win this game in typically miserable Pacific Northwest weather. 

Arizona quarterback John Skelton has struggled to find his consistency this season. It has been over a month since Skelton has seen extensive action. This gives the advantage to the Seahawks defense that thrives on the loud crowd’s energy. It is going to be tough for Skelton to do any pre-snap reads. The Cardinals offense will have a hard time getting anything going with rain and crowd noise both being a huge factor. According to NFLWeather.com’s Historical Analytics, the Arizona Cardinals, who play in a dome, have only seen rain twice in the past two years and lost both games to the Seahawks and 49ers.

With teams close behind them in the playoff race, the Seahawks are absolutely in a must win situation with an underperforming Arizona team visiting their home turf. With the San Francisco 49ers heading into New England next week, Seattle has high hopes. Even though these teams have had close games in the past, you can expect Seattle to treat this like a playoff game.

Let it snow for Stafford and the Lions at Lambeau

por The NFLW Team | 12-09-2012 08:00


Read all about it at Packernet.

Sinking Mark Sanchez And The Jets Fly South To JAX

por The NFLW Team | 12-08-2012 20:00


You can read more at The Football Juice.


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