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09-09-2017 10:00

Huracan Irma postpone el encountro entre Dolphins y Bucaneers

por The NFLWeather Team | 09-09-2017 10:00

As hurricane season peaks and powerful storms pummel the coast, the National Football League is forcing the Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers to take cover week one and reschedule their season opener for week 11 as Florida and the majority of the southern east coast brace for Hurricane Irma.

Just over a week after Hurricane Harvey mercilessly ripped through Texas and Louisiana, Mother Nature is on another collision course with Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas; and is expected to hit the coast by the weekend. The NFL debated between moving the game up a few days to Thursday night, playing in a different city or pushing it back until later in the season; ultimately opting to play the game later in the season when both teams have their schedule bye week in mid-November.

Up until the game was officially postponed on Tuesday, the same day Irma was upgraded to a Category 5 Hurricane, both teams were still prepping as though the Sunday 1pm kickoff at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami was still the game plan. Had the hurricane not been on a kamikaze mission with the Caribbean, a little rain would not have phased Tampa Bay nor Miami given both teams are extremely familiar with late-summer Florida heat and precipitation, and rain games in general having both played in a two-a-piece last season.

According to NFLWeather.com Historical Analytics, both sides combined for a 1-3 record in rain games last season and a combined 4-10 record since 2009. Not exactly an encouraging statistic for either team, however, but Miami is 3-3 at home over that span which includes a rain game win in December over Arizona, 26-23.

Prior to the ‘Phins-Bucs game officially being rescheduled to week 11, according to NFLWeather.com, conditions were expected to be extremely rainy with dangerous winds and precipitation was only going to get heavier and heavier as the game endured. Humidity would have made the 80-degree day felt more like the mid-to-low 90’s so a sticky, muggy afternoon was in store had the storms not been expected.

Come week 11, if Mother Nature rears her ugly head in Florida for the rescheduled matchup, check back with NFLWeather.com and we’ll be here for the coverage…. Again!

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