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NFLWeather.comTM is not affiliated with the National Football League

NFLWeather.comTM was founded in 2007 as a way to help select fantasy football line-ups without being subjected to loud, annoying pop-up ads. Since then, NFLW has evolved into an easy to use weather intelligence dashboard for fantasy football players, fans, broadcasters and attendees. NFLWeather.comTM is the only place to receive every weather forecast, updated twice an hour, for every football game every week. NFLWeather.comTM provides accurate reports for the specific location of each stadium, not just the city in which a stadium is located.

Use NFLWeather.comTM to select the best players to start in your fantasy football line-up, to check the wind direction before a last second field goal or to simply look-up the network to watch the game from home. Broadcasters use NFLWeather for it’s compact intelligence dashboard while ticket holders use NFLWeather.comTM to plan a safe enjoyable, predictable game day experience.

NFLWeather.comTM is a vendor neutral website and is not aligned with the National Football League or any casinos or sports betting houses. Furthermore, NFLW was built by fans for fans: no sound effects or pop-up ads, ust the weather forecasts presented in an easy to use format.


NFLWeather.comTM is free to all users and supported by our advertising partners. However, registered users will be able to save data and further customize NFLW settings to their own preferences including: